connect . the . dots

It all starts with a single dot sitting next to a #1.

Can you reach back in your childhood and remember playing connect the dots? Pencil and paper and imagination. Ok, maybe they make a digital version now... but I sure hope not. Even if you knew what the picture was supposed to be, it was the process of drawing the lines from number to number that made the process so mysterious and exciting. It also kept you quiet in the back seat of the Buick on the way to Granny's house!

Sometimes they were complicated little portraits... like that halloween witch on a broomstick in front of the moon I remember so vividly from the 3rd grade. That broom was a KILLER to keep straight! Sometimes they were easy... like an outline of Snoopy on the doghouse. (See? You're remembering now!) But drawing that journey with a number 2 pencil from number to number... dot to dot.. revealed the bigger picture.

Well ladies... we are smack dab in the middle of a big ole dot to dot called life! The connections unveil your landscape. Connections with family. Connections with friends. Connections with women around us. Connections with God. Sometimes they are easy. Sometimes they are really random. Sometimes they stretch our patience and our character... make us want to cuss and scream- or laugh until we need help to the bathroom. But they always reveal the bigger picture of our lives.

We're surrounded by little dots of potential every day. Do we connect them into our life... maybe linger and contemplate what the picture is becoming? Or do we rush right through, trying to get to the next page as fast as possible. Do you look around and think they outnumber you!! How have you tried to connect yourself, or others, to form the picture of your own life?

Do you like what you see developing?

As you can read in our description here, we want to provide a place to make more solid connections in life together. Welcome to HillsideWomen. We're glad you've joined us. Pick up your pencil and jump in!


anily said...

I am so excited for the women of Hillside to have a place to connect online!! Great first blog!

Terri Gately said...

How awesome that the women of Hillside have a hip new online place to meet up with eachother! I'm excited and looking forward to our future together and for Christ.