Sponges: Amazing creatures... if they live in the ocean.

This past Sunday, the Pest Control series put the squeeze on "The Sponge."  (This kind of person might complain about a hangnail in the middle of an MD Anderson waiting room)

There is no shortage in this world of people who are IN NEED.  But what about people who are just plain NEEDY.  How do you help them walk into a healthy perspective of life, without having them suck the life out of you?  Have any of you ever encountered someone with a terminal case of "sponginess"?

Do you ever fear you are becoming a sponge?  How do you keep the fear in check with reality?  

Just a note!  Thanks for letting us know that our system wasn't allowing comments this past week!!  We had some server issues that prevented emails from entering our system.  We think it is all fixed and really look forward to hearing from you this week.  You guys have had great wisdom to share!  Keep it up!  Thanks for your patience.  :)

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