The worship tonight was astounding... to see so many women taking time away from stuff to just BE with God produced a sincere joy in many of us. I WISH you could have heard your voices in unison from where we were standing!!
Several women tonight began to share their stories... what distorted reflections they are fighting and how they want God to be their identity maker. Be encouraged! Your identity, value and purpose come from a perfect source... not what people think about your title, your appearance, how well your children behave or your special talents. Kick down the circle of mirrors- put it BEhind you- and walk... no, RUN toward the one who knows you best.
And this week- BE compassion. BE love. BE yourself.

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Ingram Gang said...

It was an incredible night! Thank you women for BEing available to pull something so needed off for the women of Hillside. :)