BE. lifted high at GetAway

Just got some images from HillsideWomen's GetAway. So many have asked if we have it on DVD for sale. We aren't quite to that point, so I hope some images will help you remember
and continue to BE. one who will life Him higher this week!
We love you wild, worshipping women!
HUGE thanks and gratitude for Lisa Bradshaw, Julie Mathis, Katie Edins, Aubrey Ferguson, Becca Attaway, Tiffany Vokes, Mary Margaret Girty... for your beautiful voices, pure attitudes and desire to worship with all of us. God sure did shine through you! Also a great big thanks to the guys in the band for making it possible and for Jeffrey Reed & the tech team! And a huge thanks to the Guest Services Menfolk who served and served and served!
We so appreciate ALL you guys!

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