Room to grow...

It was soo nice to feel the cold front "breeze through Amarillo on Monday. Having high temps in the 60's has been very pleasant with the sunshine. This, and the seasonal calendar, now mark that fall has officially begun.

So, what does fall mean for you? Is it a time to regroup or a time to retreat? Is it a time to connect or a time to pull away from people? We hope that it will be a time you can find women of every stage of life to connect with and grow with. Right now we have two MOMS groups meeting, a great senior adult women's Bible study, several Bible studies on mornings & evenings, a spectrum of support groups and lots of small groups gathering throughout homes to fellowship and grow together.

Don't let this fall pass you by without joining in somewhere and being a part of this amazing, loving community. Call Lisa 806.457.4930 if you just aren't sure where to start. We want to give you every opportunity to form lasting relationships with people you don't even know you love yet!

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