Changing of Seasons

I love the changing of seasons. Fall is my favorite time of year so I am excited for the crisp air in the morning that turns into perfect park weather in the afternoon; all the beautiful colors that dust the leaves on trees; looking forward to the buffet at Thanksgiving, which of course means pumpkin pie, and football. We can't forget football! I love football. Mostly, I love the Aggies playing football---Whoop and Gig 'em! I love people getting together to root on other people and the camaraderie that goes into cheering for your team.

This thought leads me into how happy I am that all the Bible studies have started back up. Talk about rooting on others. If you need fans, get into a ladies' Bible study! In my adult life I have been surrounded by amazing women who love God, but none so like I have found in my Monday morning Bible study. Having only lived in Amarillo for 2.5 years, I have closer, deeper relationships than any in my 30 years previous to living here.

As Solomon says in Ecclesiastes there is a time, or season, for everything; a time to tear down and build up; a time to be silent and a time to speak. Maybe now is your season to tear down some walls around your heart and be silent no more.

Ayvrie Dixon

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