What an experience!!

Ok, we're going to be sharing more about iConnect and some great life stories later this week. But frankly, we're so spent from the experience that all we can really share on this misty, fall afternoon is "Thank You." Thanks to all the women that risked attending a retreat for the very first time! For the women who wondered if it was going to be worth the investment of their time. Thanks to those who came anticipating a weekend that would challenge their walk and inspire their spirit. Thanks to the teachers and leaders who sacrificed their time and served in every way- from carrying the women's luggage to teaching deep and wonderful classes. Thanks to Becca, Rob, the band and Tommy for worship experiences our women will not forget. And for a teaching time that really flipped our understanding of the blood of Christ!
This morning we began to read your stories. We are so touched by your transparency and by how God has moved you. Stay tuned to share in the blessings!

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Ingram Gang said...

Thanks for all of the hard work that went into making last weekend a true 'retreat.'