How did u-connect?

This past weekend over a hundred wild-for-God women spent time drawing closer to Him and each other. This was not just a "nice gettaway in the mountains"- it was purposeful time to break the magnetic draw of the everyday and purposefully connect with what the magnificent One has to offer in living through Him. There have been so many stories shared of how God changed some hearts and will change some lives. We wanted to give some space for you to share how God spoke to you.
What did this time change in me? The message on Friday night is still rolling around in my head. It has shifted my thinking about Christ's blood. It's always been hard to imagine God did all that for me. It sometimes felt like too much pressure, you know? But understanding the sacrifice process and that the blood wasn't "for me" but "for God" has liberated my mind!! Understanding that God is "satisfied", I can grasp the thought that there is no time I will ever be loved by Him more than right now. Most of us probably struggle with feeling unworthy of receiving the blood- but if it was for God's satisfaction and not mine- that flips a thinking pattern in my mind. And it strangely brings a fresh freedom perspective that I can't "unworth" my way out of.
At iConnect, I also received the blessing of new friendships and a tighter sense of community.
I love you, HillsideWomen!


Ronda Tuckness said...

The most meaningful part of the women's retreat for me was Judy's Sunday morning message. Don't get me wrong. All the teachers were wonderful, but Sunday morning was the turning point for me. My ABF teacher, Jim McKee, had taught on the scripture, "Faith without works is dead." I had been contemplating that for a few days before retreat. I knew that I needed to do something more than sing in the wonderful Hillside choir. Problem was, I didn't know what that "something more" was.

To make a long story short, I had been drawn to one of the teachers at retreat, Margaret Willis, the entire weekend. She has an incredible, life-changing story. I asked questions about other areas of service, then I was led to Margaret to discuss Sharing Hope Ministries with her. She is heavily involved in this ministry.

As a result of our conversation, I plan to help with what will be called Patsy's Place, a transitional home for women who have recently been released from prison. I understand that this home will be in operation
hopefully around the first part of next year.

This ministry correlates with my job in a way. I appoint attorneys to indigent inmates with pending felony charges in Potter County.

God led me directly to the area of service that is perfect for me. If you didn't go to the women's retreat this year, make plans to go next year. You will not regret it!

Ingram Gang said...

I loved getting to hear the stories of so many new women. I was/am amazed at the strength, resiliency, love, character, kindness and genuine faith in our women's ministry. It blessed my heart so much to see how the Lord has taken so many messed up gals and is growing us up in mature believers!

Fritos said...

Transparency was the key for my time with my Sisters and the Lord.
I don't like "playing church." I know that my time on this earth is limited and I don't want to waste one second with facades. Listening to my Sisters who have struggled and still claim God's victory, despite the pain and hardship, is what inspires me. I met many wonderful ladies and reconnected with ladies that I have missed. What a weekend of honesty and victory! Thank you, Jesus!