Lisa Shares: Remember When?

Remember When?

Tommy recently asked us at Pageant if we remembered when we got that special present we asked for one Christmas. I do. It was Christmas of 19.., oh well, that doesn’t matter. Let me just say I had just turned 6 and wanted a "big girl bike." There it was on Christmas morning; a shiny, royal blue Schwinn. (That was top of the line in those days!)

I couldn’t wait to get outside to ride it, but my Mom said I had to wait. So my Grampa winked at me and told me to follow him. I went down the hall to my bedroom where he met me and said “Hop on!” “Really?” Yep, we were going to ride gently down the hall. Now mind you, the hall was probably 10 feet long.

Well, I hopped on, got a little push and down the hall I went. Bam!
I didn’t know how to stop it and I crashed into the wall by the kitchen. My Mom came flying out and stood in the hall with her hands on her hips and observed the GIANT black tire mark on the wall. That was the end of the bike for the day.

Have you ever worked really hard for something, or maybe even manipulated a situation, thinking the thing or result was going to make you the happiest person alive? Then, surprise, you realized that thing or person only caused you grief or heartache? Life is full of those lessons, like the bike. Got one to share?

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