Faces in the Book

What's "Faces in the Book?"

We used to shake our heads at our sons when they initially spent so much time on Facebook, browsing through all the profiles, pictures, stories, comments and information... accumulating friends like football cards. But it was amazing to watch how many details they learned about their "friends" through this little social tool. Through people's bios and comments, they sometimes discovered more about their friend's character that was attractive.... and sometimes quite the opposite. Either way, they always seemed to be a little more in touch with some people than they ever had been before. (Hey, and they were reading more!)

Of course we couldn't let them have all the fun. (Funny how the things we initially mock, we end up appreciating) We joined the cult phenom and have reconnected with friends from high school & college and keep in touch with family and friends. It's also an easy way to pass info about upcoming events!

Many of you probably already have a Facebook. Most of you might already have a Bible, too.

Quite a tool... this amazing Book of profiles, pictures, stories, and lessons of life. This spring we are focusing all our Bible Studies on the lives of some of the Book's greatest characters. We want to seriously invite you to join us for the "Faces in the Book" studies. Invite your friends to join too! For several weeks we'll take a regular look at several people's profiles in the Bible and hopefully learn a thing or two about ourselves along the way. On the right side of this page you'll find a list of everyone we're going to get to know better.

Registration is on, friends! Take a chance and join us this Spring! http://www.hillsidewired.com/ministries/adults/for-women/faces-in-the-book

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